The Academic Foundation Year

One -year Propaedeutic level

The Academic Foundation Year

The Academic Foundation Year (AFY) is a certificate program that equips motivated students with the skills and capabilities to seek entry into higher education programs. It provides an academic entry pathway to first year undergraduate study or its equivalent. The program offers learning opportunities that maximize student engagement and provides opportunities for regular feedback on student progress. The Academic Foundation Year has been created with the purpose of serving as a bridge between high school and university. This 1-year program provides students with the tools and skills needed to ensure their success at university-level programs. Students will further develop their language and communication skills and will be introduced to academic principles and working methods. Students will receive coaching and guidance in choosing their further study and career paths.

Learning environment

The Academic Foundation Year is offered at a HBO propaedeutic level and has a study load of 60 credits. The program is divided into four pillars: improvement of language proficiency, introduction to academic skills, orientation within higher learning, and guidance of students’ academic careers. Students will take language and writing courses in which they will enhance their academic writing, speaking and critical thinking skills. In order to gain insight into different disciplines, students may choose subjects from the various study programs offered at the University of Aruba. Students are encouraged to create a curriculum for themselves that reflects their interests. Throughout the year, students are guided and coached extensively in order to assist them in deciding on future study plans.

Possibilities after the AFY

Students that complete the program will have oriented themselves on their academic career and will be able to make a motivated choice for further studies. They will have acquired a knowledge base and skills in multi- and interdisciplinary thinking and will have acquired communication skills to such an extent that they are capable of presenting ideas in written and spoken form in a clear and effective way. Graduates of the program will have the ability to gain and apply new knowledge independently and will have the skills to work productively in teams.

Essential information

Admission requirements: VWO, HAVO, E.P.I. level 4, MBO level 4, ISA, Ibero

Cost of academic year: Awg. 1.000,- Cost of books: Awg. 500,- Class schedule: Freshman: Morning Essentials: Laptop/Tablet and the right attitude Start: End of August Registration: May 15 - July 15

Duration of study

1 year

Language of instruction


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