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One -year Master Degree in Aruban Law

Master of Laws

The LL.M. program offers two tracks. The track Legal Practice focuses on the practice of Law in Aruba and is offered mainly in Dutch. The track International Law, Regulation and Governance on the other hand explores the operation of Law from a more transnational perspective. The track is international, Caribbean, European and comparative in nature and has several exchange opportunities with European and American Universities. The track is offered entirely in English.

Learning environment

Interactive and student centered!

Job possibilities

Lawyer, Judiciary, Government and NGO's, Consultancy.

Essential information

Admission requirements: Bachelor of Laws degree or equivalent

Cost of academic year: Awg. 3.500,- Cost of books: Awg. 500,- Class schedule: 2:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. Essentials: Laptop/Tablet and the right attitude Start: End of August Registration: May 15 - July 15

Duration of study

1 year

Language of instruction


Should YOU study law at the UA? Why should you not? You not only graduate with a law degree equivalent to one in the Netherlands, but the classrooms at the UA are much smaller, the teachers are more approachable and your classmates become your family. The list goes on and on. Having a Law degree can give you not only the skills to be a successful lawyer (should you choose to be one), but also a successful politician, manager, journalist, police officer, entrepreneur or almost any other profession that requires intellectual strength combined with a practical approach to the world. Studying law at the UA was without a doubt one of the best experiences in my life and I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Adrienne Fräser,
Faculty of Law Alumna

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