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Four -year program in Finance, Accounting & Marketing

Finance, Accounting & Marketing

The Faculty for Finance, Accounting & Marketing (FEF) offers a dynamic 4-year bachelor’s degree in applied sciences (HBO) in which theoretical courses are combined with practical assignments and projects. FEF prides itself on having a program that is structured and constantly updated according to the latest developments of both the Aruban business community as well as the international academic community. Majors offered by the FEF: Major in Finance & Accounting (F&A), Major in Marketing (MA).

Learning environment

The Faculty for Finance, Accounting & Marketing of the University of Aruba offers classes with personal attention for each student. This enhances active participation in class and provides an optimal learning environment for shared learning among students. Additionally, as part of our curriculum we require that our students explore the business community via their internship and final research assignment.

Job possibilities

Students who complete a bachelor degree from one of our programs, are prepared to enter the professional work field. Many of the FEF alumni land prominent positions in finance, accounting, marketing or other related positions at reputable companies in Aruba, or continue on to graduate school. On the other hand, many FEF alumni have chosen for entrepreneurial ventures, with one or more businesses under their belt.

Essential information

Admission requirements: VWO, HAVO, E.P.I. level 4, MBO level 4 (FA & CD), Propaedeutic HBO, Colloquium Doctum

Cost of academic year: Awg. 2.500,- Cost of books: Awg. 2.000,- Class schedule: 8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. Essentials: Laptop/Tablet and the right attitude Start: End of August Registration: May 15 - July 15

Duration of study

4 years

Language of instruction


My two favorite parts about FEF were the faculty and my fellow classmates. The faculty allowed me to express myself freely, both on a personal and intellectual level and our CE classes were much smaller, which was perfect one-on-one learning. My fellow classmates were my best friends, best colleagues, and best critics; and they continue to be so to this day; a true support system, which I honestly never experienced until then. A lot of people might think back to college and shudder. In my case, I think back to four years of uninterrupted good times. Think Animal House meets Revenge of the Nerds.

Maggy Hazel,
Faculty for Finance, Accounting & Marketing, Major Marketing Alumna, Entrepreneur

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